Default controls scheme
CommandKeyboardPlayStation controllersXbox controllersNote
Move forwardW / up arrowLeft stick forwardLeft stick forwardCan be held down
Move backwardsS / down arrowLeft stick backwardsLeft stick backwardsCan be held down
Turn leftA / left arrowLeft stick leftLeft stick leftCan be held down
Turn rightD / right arrowLeft stick rightLeft stick rightCan be held down
SprintLeft shiftL2LTMust be held down
Auto sprint on / offCapslockL3Left stick pressEach press toggles the state
Perform active interaction within rangeECrossA
Switch to next interaction within rangeQD-pad downD-pad downThe traversal order wraps around
Highlight all nearby interactions SpacebarD-pad rightD-pad right
Draw/hide weaponTabTriangleYEach press toggles the state
Attack with drawn weaponControlR2RT
Block with shieldLeft altL2LTMust be held down for as long as the shield is to be raised
Start/stop sneaking modeCSquareXEach press toggles the state
Previous menu / skip cutscene / cancelEscapeCircleB
Open inventoryID-pad leftD-pad left
Perform default action for selected inventory itemQTriangleY
Open journalJOptionsStart / Options
Open map of SilesiaMShare / CreateMenu / Select
Open game helpF1UnassignedUnassigned
Accessibility modifierUnassigned (applies only to controllers)R1RBMust be held down together with each button to which another non-accessibility-related command is mapped (works similarly to the JAWS or NVDA key)
Strafing (sidestepping)Right shiftL1LBPlus the accessibility modifier plus turn left/right
Audio cue overviewF2Share / CreateSelect / MenuPlus the accessibility modifier
Previous sentence while readingPage upRight stick upRight stick upPlus the accessibility modifier
Next sentence while readingPage downRight stick downRight stick downPlus the accessibility modifier
Announce active tasksTD-pad downD-pad downPlus the accessibility modifier
Announce character statusYD-pad upD-pad upPlus the accessibility modifier; press multiple times for more information
Announce compass headingXR3Right stick pressPlus the accessibility modifier
Announce environment descriptionRD-pad rightD-pad rightPlus the accessibility modifier
Repeat older TTS messagesVOptionsStart / OptionsPlus the accessibility modifier; press multiple times to repeat up to 10 most recent messages
Announce closest enemy statusPeriodTriangleYPlus the accessibility modifier; includes name, health, and distance
Announce location coordinatesKD-pad leftD-pad leftPlus the accessibility modifier
Navigation assistanceNL3Left stick pressPlus the accessibility modifier; must be pressed repeatedly
Snap to nearest / selected interaction or enemyBCrossAPlus the accessibility modifier; when weapon is put away, snaps to interactions; when weapon is drawn, always snaps to the closest enemy; may have to be pressed multiple times for a single point of interest
Switch to next navigation waypointRight bracketRight stick rightRight stick rightPlus the accessibility modifier
Switch to previous navigation waypointLeft bracketRight stick leftRight stick leftPlus the accessibility modifier
Delete custom navigation waypointDeleteCircleBPlus the accessibility modifier; hold down to delete all custom navigation waypoints in the scene
NPC sonar on/offFR2RTPlus the accessibility modifier; each press toggles the state; NPC sonar also includes enemies and important non-interactable inanimate objects
Announce position of all nearby enemiesCommaSquareXPlus the accessibility modifier; audible indication