1428: Shadows over Silesia for the blind

On this page, you can find in a single place a comprehensive overview of all the important information and links for the action-adventure game which redefines what true blind accessibility in modern videogames means.

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The game was released on October 4, 2022 on Steam for Windows PC, and in April of 2023 also on an alternate distribution platform called GOG (see the footer of this page). The game can be controlled not only with the keyboard, or keyboard and mouse (if you have at least some vision left), but also using a controller.

Audio trailer

They say that a single picture is worth a thousand words, and the same is true even for audio! Listen to the exclusive audio trailer created specifically for you, the first of its kind, which will reveal even more about the game.

Game description

Shadows over Silesia is a dark action adventure game with fantasy elements set in real medieval Europe. With true historical events in the background, you'll be facing intricate puzzles, challenging battles and cunning stealth. You will come across possessed devil worshipers, sexual demons and beasts from hell, as well as creatures well-known from European mythology.

Dark fantasy story

Europe is in the middle of religious upheaval and many preachers predict that the end of the world is near. The year is 1428 and the Hussites have just set out on their Silesian campaign. These heretics appear to be the biggest threat in the kingless country. But true evil of a completely different kind is lurking nearby and it does not intend to engage in religious disputes.

You will experience everything from the point of view of the two main characters. Hynek, a grumpy Hussite hetman who doesn't hesitate to swear or mess around with anything, and Lothar, a Hospitaller knight, a man of good education and manners who stands alongside his brethren in the front line of the Silesian defense. Each has their own motivations and views of the world around them, and different equipment and abilities. Their fates will soon become intertwined. Will they face one another, weapon in hand, or forge a fragile alliance to stand shoulder to shoulder against a far worse enemy?

Challenging puzzles

The original puzzles you will come across on your dangerous journey will most definitely be tough. Classic adventure games of the 1990s were a big inspiration. You will have to take advantage of your surroundings, look for objects, obtain information, and solve puzzles or encoded messages. Some problems can be solved in multiple ways, or they can be cleverly worked around.

Sneaking in the shadows

Sometimes you'll have to blend into the shadows and sneak past enemies to avoid being detected. Following their patrol routes and habits will help you find the best path.

Tough combat

The combat system is easy to understand but it takes practice to fully master it. Remember one thing: being outnumbered is a problem! If three or more opponents attack you at the same time, you will die! The key is to take advantage of their mistakes, wait for the right moment, and then attack. You will face not just knights, villagers and robbers, but also various supernatural beings who are not to be underestimated.

Mature content description

The game includes nudity, rude speech, extreme violence, sexual acts, sexual content, non-consensual sex, suicide and alcohol.

Important notice

This is not an audiogame! The game contains hardcore mechanics, and can be very difficult. It may be challenging to master it for players who have never encountered any PC or console videogames.

Accessibility features overview

1428: Shadows over Silesia will be fully accessible to you. This makes it the first game after The Last of Us series, and the first ever on PC, to bring full blind support to an adventure of this scale. We're not talking about just text narration or some kind of rudimentary navigation here. The game brings all-new revolutionary elements that will allow you to enjoy a full experience not only of the story, dialogue and environment exploration, but also of stealth scenes and combat, including large scale battles! Although the accessibility in The Last of Us is a tremendous success and won numerous awards, Shadows over Silesia takes everything to a whole new level never seen before.

The following is a summary of the accessibility features the game offers you:

System requirements


Tips for text narration

Materials for download

Ways to customize the game

Anyone can try to translate all the text in the game into their native language if they want to and if that language doesn't already have text localization. Likewise, you can replace any of the accessibility audio cues with your own if any of the default ones don't suit you. In this case, the audio cue overview in the game will also link to the new sound.

Assuming you haven't changed the default location where newly acquired games from Steam are installed, you can find the relevant game folder here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\1428\1428_Data\StreamingAssets

There are two more subfolders here, AccessibilitySignals and Translations.

After each change to a translation or the audio cues, the game must be quit and restarted.

Creating a new translation

In the Translations folder, you can create a new text file for the language you want to translate. Look at the format and file names of existing languages, and do the same for the new file so that the game understands it. You can also test the resulting translation as you go. Any language file in the correct format that is located in the Translations folder is immediately recognized by the game, so you can switch to it at any time by selecting Language from the Settings menu and the Game submenu. If you want to share your translation with other players, contact us using one of the methods listed in the footer of this page.

Modifying the accessibility audio cues

In the AccessibilitySignals folder, there is a file called "signals", with no extension. It is a plain text file that you can open in any text editor. This lists the names of all the audio files for the accessibility cues the game uses, each on a separate line. If you put an MP3 into the AccessibilitySignals folder with the appropriate name for any of these cues as listed in the signals file, the game will start using this new sound.